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Building smarter platforms for the data-centric world 

Software consultants that specialize in building customized solutions for

data-heavy systems


Who We Are

We’re a network of experienced software engineers that can help you deliver the software your business needs. With over two decades of experience across domains, our consultants help scale teams and technology. We're here to let you focus on scaling the business.

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We Care About Craftsmanship

We care about how systems are designed and how the code reads. Our experience has taught us that while engineering patterns evolve, the fundamental aspects of crafting great solutions still revolve around simplicity, speed and reliability. 

Simplicity comes at a cost which is almost always worth paying. The benefits are invariably never immediately apparent.

How We Work


Building platforms that can be maintained by a lean and cross-functional team is extremely important to us. So we choose battle-tested tools and frameworks that let us punch above our weight.

Asynchronous and Remote

Our team is located across India and South-East Asia. We launched this company due to a shared ideology around how we wanted our work environments and culture to look. Having an uninterrupted portion of the day to think and work is core to how we function. This forces us to be respectful of how our teammates structure their workday. We use Google Docs, Gitlab Wikis, JIRA and Confluence to ensure our ideas and questions are well documented and communicated proactively. We rarely wait on Slack or Emails but when we do use them, it's presumed to be urgent.

Effective Communication

We collaborate with designers, product managers, domain experts, analysts and business development executives who prefer documents over code. We expect teams to be in the loop and contextual information to always remain accessible to our teams. We're driven by our understanding of the business domain. The understanding guides our decisions and the ability foresee situations. We ensure we get it.


We care about reliable and deterministic systems. And a good quality test suite allows us to ensure the systems we build are of the highest quality. It’s integral to the accountability that comes with working with the Core27 team.

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We love the world of cloud orchestration and cloud infrastructure management. We’ve developed trusted recipes to keep your platform secure and resilient.

We design systems with data in mind. We’ve battled through enough challenges of siloed data teams and the missing-context problem, to offer well thought out solutions to ensure you run a more cohesive engineering ecosystem.

Over the past decade we’ve built expertise in designing platforms for specific domains.

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The Team


Siddharth Ravichandran

Chief Engineer

Amar Daxini

Principal Architect

Sahrish Rizvi

Business Manager

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