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Cloud Platforms and Backend Services

We love the world of cloud orchestration and cloud infrastructure management. We’ve developed trusted recipes to keep your platform secure and resilient.

Infrastructure Setup and Maintenance

We help setup or migrate infrastructure across cloud providers of your choice. VMs, Kubernetes, ECS or Azure Container Instances, though we're partial to Nomad and the Hashicorp stack. We manage setting up the foundations for your team to iterate effectively with CI/CD pipelines and workflow automations.

Data-heavy applications and databases

We love data and databases. So whether it’s Postgres, ClickHouse, TimescaleDB, MySQL, MongoDB or Cassandra, we’ve got you covered.

Event-sourced systems and Microservices

We’re strong advocates of event-sourced platforms. It’s served our clients well and they thank us for it.

Programming Languages

Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, Ruby, Golang or C#. We still love object-oriented programming. We're partial to Python and FastAPI but we get it if it's not for you.

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